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In previous posts I looked at receiving both AIS & ADS-B on SDRangel (Ref.1) as well as displaying them on OpenCPN using a combination of aisdeco2 & MULTIPSK (Ref.2). The immediate application for this is for an off shore oil/exploration rig, where knowledge of local ships is important (AIS), as well as incoming/outgoing helicopters that land on the platform (ADS-B). SDRangel recently was modified to allow for multiple workspaces and a different windows arrangement which allows for a more visible layout.

AIS Configuration

Fig.1 AIS Reception W0 Workspace
Fig.2 AIS Reception W0 Workspace AIS Demodulator -25KHz
Fig.3 AIS Reception W0 Workspace AIS Demodulator +25KHz
Fig.4 AIS Reception W1 Workspace AIS Feature Set
Fig.5 AIS Reception W1 Workspace Map
Fig.6 AIS Reception OpenCPN

For an uncluttered layout on a small laptop screen, I used workspace W0 for the AIS receiver device (Fig.1) RTL-SDR(0) and the two AIS demodulators (Fig.2 & 3) for CH87B (-25KHz) and 88B (+25KHz). The AIS feature set was placed on workspace W1. This collects all the data from 87B/88B and displays them on a local map (Fig.4 & 5). The demodulators are also setup to send out UDP data to OpenCPN (Fig.6).

ADS-B Configuration

Fig.7 ADS-B Reception W0 Workspace
Fig.8 ADS-B Reception W0 Workspace Demodulator

For ADS-B reception, the same RTL-SDR(0) was used on just one workspace W0 with the ADS-B demodulator (Fig.7 & 8). The demodulator collects all the received data and displays it on its own local map.

AIS & ADS-B Configuration

FIg.9 AIS Feature Local Map Showing AIS & ADS-B Traffic

In order to receive both AIS & ADS-B concurrently, you need to have 2xRTL-SDR devices on USB(0) & USB(1). Keep the AIS configuration on W0/W1 and setup the ADS-B on W2. The AIS feature set map will show both AIS/ADS-B traffic as in Figure 9.

Fig.10 YouTube Video RTL-SDR for AIS & ADS-B on Local Map

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