OpenPlotter3 – Marine NAVTEX

Introduction In the previous post I looked at using OpenPlotter3 for receiving HF Weather Fax (Ref.1). In this post we will use OpenPlotter3 to receive Marine MF NAVTEX (Ref.2). NAVTEX transmissions contain valuable marine information such as navigation warnings, weather forecasts, ice information and MSI specific messages. The world is divided into different regions and… Continue reading OpenPlotter3 – Marine NAVTEX

HF SWL 16m Band Scan

Introduction Over the last twenty years many countries dropped their short wave broadcasting service in favour of streaming over the Internet. Personally I feel this is a pity especially since we are now in the peak of Solar Cycle 25 with excellent propagation (Refs.1/6). HF still offers many benefits and the short wave bands are… Continue reading HF SWL 16m Band Scan