Introduction EPIRB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Station is an emergency transmitting device that blue water sailors or explorers can use in case of distress. They have proven their worth over the years and are absolutely essential for anyone wanting to wander off the grid (Ref.1). At least 2000 people have been saved every… Continue reading RTL-SDR for EPIRB


As we ease CV19 restrictions in Toronto, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer. Today I decided to walk in nature or at least in the closest park. As I walk on the grass and earth, I can almost feel the tension of the past few months draining from my body. What a… Continue reading Grounding

Create Any Waveform on Your Function Generator

Function Generator Two Tone

Function Generators typically produce Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw Tooth and DC signals. Many modern instruments include an AWG or Arbitrary Waveform Generator signal as an additional selection. This allows you to construct your own custom waveform to meet your testing needs. Typical examples might be a dual/multi tone audio signal to test intermodulation distortion in… Continue reading Create Any Waveform on Your Function Generator

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