Scilab & ScicosLab – Scicos Visual Blocks

Scilab and ScicosLab are Open Source Math Programs that can be used in various engineering and scientific applications. I use ScicosLab with the Modnum tool box in all my Telecommunications work, but both Scilab/ScicosLab can be used for all the mathematics involved in my CelNav EBook. In a previous post (Ref.1) I introduced the programs and working with the console & editor functions. In this post I will look at Scicos the Visual Block Editor that is used with ScicosLab. Scilab uses Xcos.

Scicos Visual Editor

In order to use Scicos, we first load the Modnum Toolbox then run the application Scicos from within ScicosLab. Fig.1 shows the block diagram that I created by using blocks contained in the Palette under Sources (Sine Generator, Clock) and Sinks (FFT Spectrum Analyzer).

Fig.1 Source & Sink Blocks from Palette
Fig.2 YouTube Video “Scilab & ScicosLab – Scicos Visual Blocks”

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