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In previous posts several years ago, I looked at receiving NOAA15/18/19 satellite weather using various configurations with a Windows 10 laptop and a RaspberrPi4 (Ref.1/4). To bring in the new year, I thought I would check out the latest reception. In the last post I used SDR# with noaa_apt & wxtoimg (Ref.1). In this post I will use Multipsk to do the reception and the decoding (Ref.6).

Equipment Setup

Fig.1 Equipment Setup for Reception of NOAA Satellite Weather
Fig.2 Multipsk Transceiver Control of RTL-SDR for NOAA19 at 137.1MHz

Figure 1 shows the equipment setup for receiving NOAA15/18/19 satellite weather. In order to receive signals of adequate strength, a LNA/BPF is required. A 1/4 wave Vee dipole is used with a version 3 RTL-SDR with BiasT to power the LAN/BPF. Signals are received using Multipsk to control the RTL-SDR and are decoded as well. Figure 2 shows the RTL-SDR transceiver control at the bottom receiving the FM baseband of 2.4KHz harmonics. The upper portion shows the decoded 2.4KHz AM modulated tone.

Satellite Tracking

Fig.3 Multipsk Satellite Tracking
Fig.4 N2YO NOAA19 Polar Orbit Jan11_2024_19:48/19:52EST
Fig.5 Multipsk Decoded APT Image

Figure 3 shows the built-in Multipsk Satellite Tracker. By entering your position, it can tell you the location of the NOAA15/18/19 satellites as well as Pass data. Figure 4 shows the N2YO Satellite tracker used in previous posts (Ref.7). Figure shows the NOAA19 decoded APT image. Note that I am in an urban location with very restricted visibility due to high condo buildings (East only view).

Fig.6 YouTube Video RTL-SDR for NOAA15/18/19 Satellite Weather_b

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By Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3PKC. He is the author of E-Books on Telecommunications, Navigation & Electronics.