R/C Varioprop 6 Signal Tx/Rx Decode_b


In the previous two posts I examined the Varioprop 6 R/C model airplane PWM transmit signal and simulated it in Scicoslab. In this post I test the Transmitter to Receiver link on CB Citizens Band CH19 27.145MHz and confirm correct operation of the Rudder/Elevator/Engine Speed controls.

Test Setup

Fig1. Varioprop 6 Transmitter & Receiver+Servo Controllers Test Setup
Fig.2 Varioprop 6 Receiver Nicad Battery Charging @ 50ma Heathkit Power Supply
Fig.3 Varioprop 6 Receiver Battery Connector Schematic

Figure 1 shows the Varioprop 6 Transmitter and the Receiver with the 3 Servo Controllers attached. The transmitter is connected to an external 12VDC battery as the original 10 cell Nicad stopped functioning because I didn’t recharge it for 50 years! Figure 2 shows the Receiver battery pack opened and being charged by a Heathkit DC power supply. It contains 2×2.4VDC Nicad cells. Unbelievably these cells were able to be charged back to 2.4VDC, but they show signs of leaking and not in the greatest shape (Again time lapse of 50 years). I will replace them with new AA cells. Figure 3 shows the Graupner mini connector schematic for wiring between the receiver battery and the receiver.

Fig.4 YouTube Video R/C Varioprop 6 Signal Tx/Rx Decode_b

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By Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3PKC. He is the author of E-Books on Telecommunications, Navigation & Electronics.