OpenPlotter – RPi4 – USBpwr

Previously all my work on OpenPlotter was done on an RPi3B+ installed in a PI-TOP3 development Laptop that featured a screen, keyboard, and proto board connected to the GPIO (Ref.1-Ref.10). I started with the basic installation, OpenCPN with GPS, OpenCPN with GPS & AIS, Marine Weather on GQRX, Sensors for Temp/Pres/Pitch/Heel/Compass Bearing and GRIB weather files. This project features OpenPlotter Basic/Headless on an RPi4 with all the features as before, but additionally with a WiFi hotspot so I can control the unit from an iPhone or laptop remotely. Figure 1 shows the benchtop test confiuration with the RPi4 with OpenPlotter Basic/Headless, GPS, AIS & GY-91 sensor board. Power supplied by a Portable 80W lithium battery pack. USB power draw as measured with the USB power meter was 5VDC at 1.4Amp.

FIg.1 Bench Test OpenPlotter Headless RPi4 WiFi Hotspot
Fig.2 YouTube Video OpenPlotter – RPi4 – USBpwr

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#1. – “Open Plotter – RPi4 Headless_a”

#2. “Open Plotter – Marine HF Weather Fax”

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#4. – “OpenPlotter – Sensors_b”

#5. – “OpenPlotter – AIS+”

#6. – “OpenPlotter – Sensors_a”

#7. – “OpenPlotter – RTL-SDR for VHF/AIS”

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#10. -“OpenPlotter – Naviagtion System on RPi”

By Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3PKC. He is the author of E-Books on Telecommunications, Navigation & Electronics.