ATSC Television Antenna Testing with NanoVNA


Several years ago I purchased a compact television antenna to use on my apartment balcony to cut down on cable costs. My balcony has line of site view of the CN Tower which hosts many television and broadcasting transmitters (Ref.1). So far I have tested pretty well every antenna I have with the versatile NanoVNA, so I thought it appropriate to test the television antenna as well (Ref.2/8)!

Test Procedure

VHF ChannelsFrequency Range MHz
1 – 650 – 88
7 – 13180 – 216
UHF ChannelsFrequency Range
14 – 18476 – 500
19 – 34506 – 596
35 – 51602 – 698
52 – 69704 – 806
70 – 83812 – 890
Fig.1 VHF & UHF Channel Frequency Table (North America)

Figure 1 is a list of television channel frequencies in the VHF/UHF bands. For NanoVNA sweeping purposes, we can sweep the VHF band and UHF bands separately: 40 – 220MHz (VHF) & 450 – 900MHz (UHF). The antenna has a female cable coax connector and I only have a female/sma adapter, so I connected the NanoVNA to the end of the coaxial cable that goes into the television.

Test Results

Fig.2 SWR VHF Band 40 – 220MHz
Fig.3 SWR UHF Band 450 – 900MHz
Fig.4 SWR VHF & UHF 40 – 900MHz

Figure 2 shows the SWR over the VHF band which is fairly flat > 100MHz. Note that it is possible that the signal return could also be received in band signals. Figure 3 shows the UHF band and Figure 4 shows both VHF & UHF.

Fig.5 YouTube Video ATSC Television Antenna Testing withh NanoVNA

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By Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3PKC. He is the author of E-Books on Telecommunications, Navigation & Electronics.