OpenPlotter – RPi4 Headless_a

Introduction Previously all my work on OpenPlotter was done on an RPi3B+ installed in a PI-TOP3 development Laptop that featured a screen, keyboard, and proto board connected to the GPIO (Ref.2-Ref.9). I started with the basic installation, OpenCPN with GPS, OpenCPN with GPS & AIS, Marine Weather on GQRX, Sensors for Temp/Pres/Pitch/Heel/Compass Bearing and GRIB… Continue reading OpenPlotter – RPi4 Headless_a

OpenPlotter – Marine HF Weather Fax

Introduction Last August I discussed using the RTL-SDR for reception of HF Weather Fax information using a setup of Windows10/SDR#/FLDIGI (Ref.1). Recently I was asked whether OpenPlotter could be used to do the same thing. OpenPlotter has an equivalent program to SDR# called Gqrx which can be installed and used with the RTL-SDR (Ref.2). FLDIGI… Continue reading OpenPlotter – Marine HF Weather Fax

OpenPlotter – GRIB Files

Introduction OpenPlotter has many excellent features that we explored in previous posts (Ref.3-Ref.9). Weather information is critical for sailors and OpenPlotter features a GRIB file viewer as well as the ability to overlay this information on OpenCPN. The weather information is contained in GRIB files that can be downloaded over an internet connection either from… Continue reading OpenPlotter – GRIB Files

OpenPlotter – Sensors_b

Introduction In a previous post (Ref.1) we examined how to connect and detect a sensor module such as the GY-91 which is referenced in OpenPlotter documentation. This module has two ICs: an MPU-9250 motion detector IC and a BMP280 pressure/temperature IC. This gives us 11 variables: 3 x accelerometer, 3 x gyroscope, 3 x Magnetometer,… Continue reading OpenPlotter – Sensors_b