Celestial Navigation Basics & Equipment

Yup…..there’s no GPS in space! We rely totally on GPS and similar satellite navigational systems such as Glonass, Galileo and Beidu. Unfortunately a large solar X flare or space explosion could take out enough satellites to make the system unusable. Celestial Navigation has been around for centuries and is as reliable as the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars! “Celestial Navigation Basics & Equipment” teaches you how to determine your position using simple spherical trigonometry. All examples feature sample ScicosLab code and manual sight reduction such as The Nautical Almanac, HO.249/AP3270. See the descriptive video below.

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Famous Navigators

What do James Cook, Joshua Slocum, Bernard Moitessier, Robin Knox-Johnston and Tania Aebi have in Common?

They knew how to use a sextant! So can YOU! Join this exclusive club!

  • Learn Celestial Navigation from very first principles
  • Understand the spherical geometry of space
  • Learn how to use Open Source ScicosLab (=Scilab/Matlab) to solve problems with simple trigonometric algorithms
  • Learn programming skills
  • Learn sight reduction using a variety of techniques and programs from various countries
  • You will always know where you are and where you are going!

Celestial Navigation Basics & Equipment Course:

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