AM Modulator – Arbitrary Waveform Generator

In the previous post I showed how we can create an AM Modulator with ScicosLab/Scicos. In this post we can use this file to create a .CSV file that can be used to drive an Arbitrary Waveform Generator so it can test equipment in our lab as required. Traditionally Function Generators only produced Sine, Square and Triangle wave forms. Using the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, we can create any waveform for testing.

Fig.1 – am_mod_arb.sce

Figure 1 shows the Scilab script code used to generate the AM Modulator. The last block of code creates the .csv file using the csvWrite function. Note that this is only available in Scilab not in ScicosLab. The values of y are created in a row vector, so we first have to normalize them and modify for a column vector.

Fig.2 AM Modulation – Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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